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9. Utby - Trollhättan

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    22 km

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    106 m

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A feeling of being watched can easily affect the pilgrim walking through the enchanted forests between Utby and Trollhättan, but don't worry - the only ones watching over you are the figurines of elves and other animals that a creative soul from Utby has placed along with the joint.

It's easy to get lost in your own thoughts in the enchanting, deep forest and all its steep slopes, so be sure to keep an eye out for the markings. There are plenty of mushrooms for those who know what they are looking for, but also game and hunters, so please wear bright clothes that stand out from the surroundings, especially during the August to February season.

Just before you leave the forest to move closer to the river, you will come across a mighty overhang - feel free to prop up the rock with a stick so that it stays! Then move towards the Åkerström nature reserve, where you will be treated to perhaps the best views of the Göta river on the Pilgrimsleden – especially around sunset. After that, a bridge leads you over the river to Trollhättan's lock area, which for the history can be just as fantastic to stay in as the forest.

Welcome to the Trollskogen route.

Surface: Forest path, asphalt, dirt road.

Time: 4-7 hours excluding breaks.

Don't miss: Åkerström nature reserve, where you can enjoy perhaps the best views of the Göta River on the Pilgrimsleden - especially around sunset.

Get here: Västtågen towards Lödöse south station, bus 421 to Utby cross road.

Accommodation: There are no specific suggestions for accommodation along the stage, but there are many accommodation options to choose from in the digital map.

The Pilgrimsleden Göta Älv has developed in a collaboration between: the City of Gothenburg, the Association of Property Owners in Gamlestaden, Gamlestaden, Ale Municipality, Lilla Edets Municipality, Trollhättan City, Vänersborg Municipality, Västra Götaland Region, the Church of Sweden, the Pilgrims Center in Gothenburg, Visit Trollhättan Vänersborg, the Tourist Board of West Sweden and the West Coast Foundation.

22 km

106 m


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  • Vandringsled
  • pilgrimsled
  • Pilgrimsleden Göta Älv




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Photographer: Jonas Ingman/

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