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2. Riddaregården – Råda kyrka

  • Length

    19 km

  • Elevation

    96 m

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Daniel Ström

This section starts at Riddaregården and goes south on the peninsula Kålland. When the section is over you have reached the small village of Råda, nowadays almost grown together with the city of Lidköping. The walking trail goes on small roads and paths and you are offered nice views with both arable land and pastures. This section also passes the beautiful mansion Stola which has an interesting history.

Section 2 starts at Riddaregården and ends at Råda church. On this section you walk on smaller roads, both paved and gravel roads. You get to see the countryside with its open views over arable land, meadows and pastures. After a few kilometers you will reach a beautiful avenue that leads you to the ancient fine mansion Stola. The manor is described as an 18th century dream and has existed since the Middle Ages. The famous family Ekeblad owned Stola for 300 years and gave it the rococo style it still has today. You get more fascinating history further along the walk as you pass Strö church.

You continue the walk along the small roads and pass more open landscapes before you reach the next medieval church village - Gösslunda. Towards the end of the stretch, the buildings become slightly denser before you finally reach the small community Råda. There is also a nice outdoor area with good exercise tracks as well as artificial snow tracks for skis and outdoor gym. But perhaps what you will remember best is Råda Vy, the lookout point that offers a wonder-ful view of Kinnekulle with the city of Lidköping in the foreground. 

The lookout point also has signs that tell you more about the plateau moutain landscape you are in and what you can actually look out over. From here you have only a few hundred meters to the stage’s final desti-nation, Råda Church which is another fine medieval church. The road on this stretch is slightly hilly and thus easy to walk despite its length. 

The stretch does not have many good resting places, so feel free to bring a seat pad for the coffee breaks.

How to get here

At Riddaregården there is a bus stop that is in use all year round. 

You also find a parking space here. At Råda Church there are several parking spaces and just across the street there is a bus stop which by city bus connects to Lidköping city center. That takes about 10 minutes.


19 km 


6 hours, exkluding breaks




Gravel roads and smaller paved roads




Råda kyrka


Biosfärleden / Biosphere trail


Along the route there is a B&B called Billys. Otherwise you have to take the city bus about 10 minutes from Råda to reach the center of Lidköping. 

Don´t miss

At the beginning of the stage there is an old well-preserved windmill built in the 1880s. Along the way you pass Stola Herrgård with an exciting history, here you can also book guided tours. At the end of 

the stage there is a fantastic view of Kinnekulle and several medieval churches.

Download the stage as PDF here!

19 km

96 m


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  • Biosfärleden




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