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5.Trolmen - Hällekis

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    15 km

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    137 m

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Jesper Anhede

Stage 5 goes from Trolmen to Hällekis, which is on the northwestern part of the mountain Kinnekulle. This walking trail is one of the finest on the entire Biosphere Trail. The trail has both beautiful nature that shows the biological diversity that characterizes the entire Biosphere Reserve and several cultural attractions.

Stage number 5 begins where the trail crosses the country road, 600 meters from Trolmen’s station. Here you walk into a beautiful pasture. Soon you will be in Råbäck’s old lime quarry. Signs along the trail will tell you the story of the work that took place here. The trail follows the old em-bankment down towards Råbäcks Harbor. The harbor is idyllic and there are several picnic tables for a break with a wonderful view of Lake Vänern. In the Harbor there is also Råbäck’s Mechanical Stonemasonry. 

The stonemasonry, which was founded at the end of the 19th century, was active until 1970 and is today a nicely priced working life museum.

As previously mentioned, the sights on this trail are many and now there are two more. First you pass Munkängarna, one of Västra Götaland’s most valuable nature reserves, which is best known for its Ramsons flowering in the late spring. Just above the reserve is the large quarry, also called Kinnekulle’s Grand Canyon with its 40 meter high rock walls. Lime was mined here for mainly cement production for almost 100 years, until the end of the 20th century. 

Just a few kilometers later you will walk in a beautiful avenue towards another of Kinnekulle’s manors, Hellekis Säteri. This is best known for its magnificent garden which has ancient origins and was praised by Carl von Linne during his visit. There is also a cozy Garden Café and a greenhouse where art exhibitions are arranged during the season. 

How to get here

The walking trail starts and ends 600 meters from Trolmen’s station. 

At Trolmen’s station there is public transport by train to both Lidköping and Mariestad. There is also a small parking lot here. 


15 km 


4 hours, exkluding breaks




Mostly paths but also gravel road and a short paved section






Biosfärleden / Biosphere trail


In Trolmen where the walking trail starts, there are two cozy accom-modation options. The first is called Trolmen’s B&B and the second one is called Kulturum B&B. In Hällekis, where the walking trail ends, there are also a couple of alternatives.

Don´t miss

’’Kinnekulle Quarry’’ which is Sweden’s answer to the Grand Canyon, the Nature Reserve Munkängarna and Hellekis Säteri with its beautiful garden.

Download the stage as PDF here!

15 km

137 m


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  • Vandringsled
  • Naturreservat
  • Biosfärleden
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