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7. Myrbacken-Lugnås

  • Length

    16 km

  • Elevation

    142 m

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Daniel Ström

The seventh stage of the biosphere trail begins at Myrbacken, in the middle of the countryside, but with just under a kilometer to Äskekärr station. The seventh stage of the biosphere trail ends at Lugnås church. Along the trail you will pass pastures, openfields and forest areas. Closer to Lugnås church there will be a climb up the ridge of Lugnåsberget and once at the church you can enjoy the beautiful view towards Kinnekulle and Lake Vänern. The first church was built here as early as the 12th century.

This stage begins with a picturesque rural environment. Here you meet forest areas with extensive agricultural landscape, farms and grazing animals in beautiful pastures. After just over half the distance the flat landscape gradually turns into a steeper climb when you go up Lugnåsberget. Then it will also be more lush forest the last kilometers before you finally reach Lugnås church. There you are rewarded with a wonderful view of Kinnekulle that you have just left. On this walking trail it does not exist any rest areas so feel free to bring a seat pad.

How to get here

The stage starts in Myrbacken, which is less than a kilometer from Äskekärr station. At Äskekärr station there is both a small parking for cars and a train station. The trains run mainly to Mariestad and Lidköping. At the end of the walking trail , at Lugnås church, there are good parking opportunities. Unfortunately there is no local traffic here. 


16 km 


4,5 hours, exkluding breaks




Mostly gravel road but also a lot of forest path and shorter sections on asphalt






Biosfärleden / Biosphere trail


In Myrbacken where the stage begins there are no accommodations but not far away from Lugnås church there are a charming hotell called Lugnås Ekohotell. A tip is to also buy a a so-called Dinner basket. This gives you the opportunity to prepare your own meal from locally produced ingredients.

Don´t miss

The beautiful view from the stairs at Lugnås Church

Download the stage as PDF here!

16 km

142 m


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  • Skog
  • Vandringsled
  • Biosfärleden




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