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Stage 5 Lerum - Floda

  • Length

    9 km

  • Elevation

    68 m

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Maja Svensson

Between Lerum and Floda, the Säveån river flows in a magical valley with lush deciduous forest. This stage of the Gotaleden runs partly through the Säveån nature reserve, a world of its own filled with silence and birdsong, birds such as streamers and kingfishers, the unique Säveå salmon and animals such as beavers and the occasional moose.

From the center of Lerum, you walk past the old buildings in Brobacken and continue along Säveån's partly rushing water. At Holma Bro, you continue your hike near Säveån with a mixture of pasture for horses and sheep. Through the Säveån-Hedefors nature reserve, you experience winding paths through a beautiful and bird-rich area. Before you arrive in Hedefors, you will pass the bypass where salmon and eel migrate up the Säveån during the summer. After half the stage, at Knavbro bridge, you enter the Säveån nature reserve. Now you have 4 km of enjoyable forest hiking for all the senses. Birds chirp, salmon that go up the river, beaver traps, blue whiting seas and several inviting resting places are among what is found along the path. The Säveå salmon is genetically unique after being adapted to Säveån's waters for thousands of years. An obvious stop is Hillefors Grynkvarn, which is the world's only water-powered oatmeal mill and is located at Hillefors power station. In the area you can see ducks, crows, small ducks, starfish and kingfishers.

Once at the Tannery in Floda, a stone's throw from the train station, it may be time for coffee or lunch. A little later in the day, you can try a dining experience at Jernbruket.

Length: 9 km

Time: 2-3 hours excluding breaks

Difficulty: Mostly easy hiking but with some slopes in Säveån-Hedefors nature reserve.

Surface: Gravel and forest path in the reserve

Do not miss: Säveån nature reserve, magically beautiful.

9 km

68 m


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