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Stage 6 Floda - Tollered

  • Length

    8 km

  • Elevation

    126 m

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Nääs fabriker

An easy hiking stage with the opportunity for a dip in Lake Sävelången before you reach the historic Nääs castle and Nääs factories, one of the country's largest organizers of courses in handicrafts.

When you leave the community Floda behind you, you follow the Gotaleden along the southern side of Lake Sävelången. After a few kilometers, you are welcomed to the Nääs area, a unique mix of nature and culture in the borderland between big city and countryside. Nääs is Scandinavia's best-preserved late 19th-century environment and one of the country's largest organizers of courses in handicrafts. Nääs castle stands on its own headland and visiting the castle is like stepping straight into the 19th century. Nothing has changed since May day in 1898 when Nää's last private owner August Abrahamson died. The teacups are still on display in the red lounge and in the more private part of the castle also the beds are still made.

You can go on a guided tour of the castle, eat, live, shop beautiful things, learn to ride or visit the exhibitions in the arts and crafts gallery or building maintenance center.

The Gotaleden continues towards Lilla Nääs and then eastwards via scenic Stålebo wetlands to the mill town Tollered, which in the 19th century was formed around Nääs' factories and its cotton spinning, wool spinning and weaving mill.

The trail winds its way through the historic village down to Nääs Fabriker, which offers accommodation, food, wonderful relaxation in a SPA environment, cozy shops and scenic surroundings by Lake Sävelången.

A nice and beautiful alternative last bit is to take the electric boat Säfvelången from between Nääs to Nääs factories.

Length: 8 km

Time: 2 hours excluding breaks

Difficulty: Easy hiking

Surface: Asphalt / Gravel / Ladder

Do not miss: A visit to Nää's castle, Stålebo wetlands and Nää's factory area

8 km

126 m


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  • Tätortsnära
  • Vandringsled
  • Gotaleden




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Photographer: Nääs fabriker

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