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Stage 9 Västra Bodarna - Alingsås

  • Length

    10 km

  • Elevation

    127 m

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Along small roads and forest paths, along Lake Mjörn and past Nolhaga Castle, you approach the café town of Alingsås.

North of Västra Bodarna, you follow the road towards the Bryngenäs area's attractive oak groves and avenues. Tullvägen leads you to Bryngeskog and further into a piece of the hiking trail Potatisleden which winds on paths through the edges of residential areas and into deep forest.

After a few kilometers you arrive at Lövekulle Camping where you can stop for coffee or overnight. Gotaleden continues along the shoreline of Lake Mjörn and soon reaches the fine beach at Mjörnvallen. After crossing the bridge at Säveån, you enter the Nolhagaviken nature reserve with beach meadows and a rich bird life. The trail now goes through "Congo" where you partly walk through a beautiful alpine marsh from the 18th century, which Linnaeus mentions in his Västgötland journey. Another coffee option is at the classic Tallhyddan, which has a waffle buffet, among other things.

On to Nolhagaparken and Nolhaga Castle which was built in 1879-80. Nolhaga park adjacent to the castle is designed as a romantic English park with French and Italian style features.

From Nolhaga park it is not far to the center of Alingsås with beautiful wooden buildings and lots of cozy cafes. When you reach the museum and the tourist office, you reach the destination for the trail, or the start if you start the trail from Alingsås. In Alingsås there are plenty of accommodation options, for example at the historic Grand Hotel dating from the beginning of the 20th century.

Length: 10 km

Time: 2-3 hours excluding breaks

Difficulty: Easy hiking

Surface: Gravel / Asphalt / Forest path

Do not miss: Feel free to stop by Nolhagaparken and Nolhaga Castle. Feel free to take your time and stroll around Alingsås.

10 km

127 m


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Photographer: Jonas Ingman/

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