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13. Skal-Rixö

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    11 km

  • Elevation

    69 m

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A section along the fjord Brofjorden, through a hilly and forest-covered landscape.

The stage starts at the bus stop in Skal. Nearby, at Skal's old school, there are parking facilities. From here, the stage follows a busy country road for a short distance, before continuing through rural idyll with agriculture and meadows. Feel free to stop by Lögens kvarn, which has carried out organic farming since the 1980s, and today offers a varied range of flour in its farm shop.

After crossing the country road, the stage continues past Berg's school, which is one of the oldest schools in Lysekil that is still in use. If you take a quick detour on the dirt road behind the school itself, you can peek through the window of a small barn and see what a schoolroom looked like 100 years ago.

Be aware that the trail diverges from the dirt road a few kilometers after Berg's school, and continues over a rather hilly forest area before reaching the shore of Brofjorden and continuing north. On the opposite side of the beach you can see Preemraff, Scandinavia's largest oil refinery and one of Europe's most modern facilities.

When you have reached this far, and up to Rixö, which is the goal of the stage, the landscape is marked by former stone-cutting activities. The stone industry was, alongside fishing, the most important industry in northern Bohuslän from the middle of the 19th century onwards. The beautiful red granite was sought after throughout Europe, and was also shipped to the rest of the world. The great depression of 1929 was a death blow for stonemasonry and up to 10% of the population in the coastal parishes in northern Bohuslän suddenly found themselves completely without livelihood.

At Lahälla, the stage passes the large Sodom quarry and here you also find the old knob factory, where a working life museum is emerging. Wandering around among the stone remains between the cliffs, enraptured by the view towards the Brofjorden inlet or sitting down on the storytelling bench and hearing the hammer blows from bygone times becomes a nice break this far on the hike.

Length: 11 km

Time: 3-4 hours

How to get here: In Skal there is a bus stop called Skal. In Rixö there is a bus stop called Rixö.

Difficulty: Moderate

Surface: Asphalt, dirt road, path

11 km

69 m


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