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White Elk

For those who choose to visit picturesque Dyrön, an excursion with real archipelago feeling awaits. The Dyröleden loop is a bit challenging, despite its small size, as Dyrön offers a hilly rocky landscape. But it is also because the island is not very large that the view of the coastal landscape is constantly reminded. Above all, the views of the Marstrandsfjord are absolutely breathtaking.

The most common way is to start the hike at the northern port where the ferry from Rönnäng lands. 

The circular trail on Dyrön consists of two different parts, the north and the south, which both also connect to the south port. It is therefore possible to choose to walk only one distance, and then back to the northern port via the paved walkway and cycle path that crosses the island.

Both stretches are about 3 km long. The whole loop around is thus about 6 km long.

There are also a number of detours. With the detours Dyröleden is about 7 km long.

On the eastern side of the island there is the opportunity to make a detour up to Grinneberget's viewpoint. Once upstairs you will find a barbecue area where there was an air defense cannon during the war. Just next door is a spacious snack area.

Also on the west side of the island is a viewpoint, Åsen, as well as tables with benches for tired feet and legs. 

One of Dyröleden's coolest places is Dynes Ravin, a narrow passage on the west side, between two high cliff walls. At the bottom of the ravine is a wooden deck with tables and benches, perfect for a snack, and then you can look out over the island of Åstol.

During your hike, you may be lucky enough to encounter the wild mufflon sheep roaming freely on the island amid lush forest patches and steep rocky outcrops. If you are botanically interested, here are plenty of rare plants. On the west side of the island you can explore the remains of a Stone Age village and a Bronze Age cairn.

For a swim, the sandy beach near the island's southern harbor is recommended. Here you have the chance to combine the hike with a sauna. Just ten meters from the sea at Dyrön's southern cape lies Dyrön's sauna, which a number of years ago was named Sweden's best electrically heated sauna. Thanks to its tranquil location and views of the sea and cliffs. The sauna is run by the community association and is open to book for all year round.

If you are hungry or hungry for coffee, the island's small well-stocked grocery store ICA Dyröboden, with a café and lunch service that is open all year round.

Length: 6 km

Time: 2-3 hours

How to get here: Bus to Rönnängs jetty. Ferry to Dyrön North Harbor.

Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

Surface: Paths, mountains

Not to be missed: The view of the Marstrandsfjord with Carlsten's fortress in the background, Pater Noster and Åstol

6 km

49 m


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