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18. Nordens Ark-Anneröd

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    10 km

  • Elevation

    90 m

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Åsa Andersson

Stages 16 and 18-22 are part of the Swedish Tourist Association's "Signature Trail Bohuskusten", which is particularly beautiful, selected and quality assured through the Swedish Tourist Association.

In Sotenäs, the Kuststigen trail goes on parts of the much more widespread Soteleden Trail. The municipality of Sotenäs has prioritized certain sections of the Soteleden trail, and also marked them as Kuststigen. 

Along this section of the Kuststigen trail there’s a wealth of nature and cultural experiences that bear witness to how people used to live here, long ago. There are many ancient remains in the area, the Åbyristningen petroglyphs being the best known of them, deemed to be some of Sweden’s most beautiful rock carvings. You can also visit Åby Säteri, a listed manor house dating back to the 1300s.

The hike takes you through age old farmland enclosed in parts by high cliffs. One of Sweden’s northernmost naturally occurring beech forests, Anneröd, can be found here. 

Distance: 10 km

Time: 3-4 h

How to get here: There is a bus stop at Nordens Ark, with the same name. About 1.5 km from Anneröd is the bus stop Sjöbackarna and a bus stop called Brygge. 

Difficulty: Moderate, with a very steep passage at the end of the stage

Surface: Dirt road, path

Not to be missed: Adjacent to the Åbyfjord is the popular zoo Nordens Ark, where you meet some 80 endangered animals from all over the world. Here it is easy to spend an afternoon and hike in the beautiful environment and look for animals such as wolf, snow leopard and amurtiger.

10 km

90 m


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