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Göteborgs Skärgårdsled - stage 3 of 3

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    7.8 km

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Jonas Ingman

Saltasvikens badplats - Burö färjeläge on Hälsö

A short walk up to the car park and past the houses leads the stage to Brevik's red cottages.

The exercise track leads past Rördammen, one of the municipality's largest wetlands with its wildlife. The pond is known for its rich bird life. The track winds past Hummerviken to Hjälvik's bathing area. On the rocky beaches, beach cabbage, beach rye, marviol and coastal balders grow. Below the high mountain "Flauet" you follow the path along the sea and then up into the mountains. Stop at "Skalkelikörka" and take a look. The trail continues up the mountain, take advantage and enjoy the view. Follow the trail out to the propeller factory and take the road over the Hälsö bridge.

Tjolmen's bathing area is ready for a dip. Then continue towards Hälsö harbor. Through winding small alleys you reach the mountain Stuvö. Here is a rest bench to breathe on and enjoy the view of Marstrand. Arriving at Burö ferry terminal, you choose either a walk or a bus home. Another alternative is to continue the archipelago tour with the ferry to Knippla, Hyppeln or Rörö.

Length: 7,8 km

Time: 2 tim

Get here: There are parking spots at Saltasvikens badplats and at Burö färjeläge. You can get here with bus to Fotö bus stop, Hönö klåva harbor, Kanndalen bus stop, Salted bathing area, Hjälvik Göstahallen, Hälsö harbor, Burö ferry location bus stop.

Degree of difficulty: Moderate

Surface: Concrete, gravel, cliffs

Don't miss: Feel free to take the ferry on from Burö ferry location for an overnight stay at Knippla hostel.

7.8 km


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  • Kuststigen
  • 7-15 kilometer
  • Hav
  • Klippor



Photographer: Jonas Ingman

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