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    10 km

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    54 m

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Henrik Trygg/

A coastal and urban hike, near the Grebbestad wedge.

This part of Kuststigen takes you between Tanumstrand and Tanumshede. 

The section starts by the hotel in Tanumstrand and follows the sea beach along Grebbestadskilen into Grebbestad and further up Stöberget where you have a nice view of the archipelago. The hike takes you past the pond Bryggeridammen where both Ender and Rödhöna nest. Then past Falkeröd and further east towards Tanumshede via the Kärra-road and past the Hällekistan (Valbrets Grave).

Distance: 10 km

Time: 2-3 hours

How to get here: About 1.5 km South of Grebbestad lies Tanumstrand. The closest buss station is Sportshopen. In Tanumshede there is a bus station called Tanum's bus station.

Difficulty: Easy-medium difficulty.

Surface: Paths, gravel roads and asphalt.

Not to be missed: Swim at Tanumstrand and Grebbestad. The view on Stöberget. The nice idyllic brewery pond with benches and tables. The hometown Falkeröd with Summer cafe.

10 km

54 m


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