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4. Saxenhov-Ljungskile

  • Length

    8 km

  • Elevation

    68 m

  • Degree of difficulty


  • Estimated time


Hanna Söderlund/

A short section from the swimming area in Saxenhov to Ljungskile.

After Saxenhov and Ranneberg the trail leaves the coast. From the beginning, the route goes inland along a less busy asphalt road. From the church of Resteröd, the trail then turns to a southerly direction on a very old church path through the rolling agricultural landscape. After a couple of kilometers the road divides. Here you can either take the regular route north of Ljungs-Berg or the slightly longer road to the south. Both roads stop at the same place at the rest area in Ljungskile where several service points are located.

Length: 8 km

Time: 2-3h without break

How to get here: Saxenhov is reached by bus to stop Ranneberg or Oh, both located about 1 km from the start of the stage. At the Saxenhov bathing place there are parking spaces. Ljungskile picnic area is reached by bus to Ljungskile picnic area. There are also good parking facilities here.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. 

Surface: Asphalt, dirt road and forest path.

Not to be missed: Resteröds Church, Hålvägen, Lekarebergets archipelago, bird watching along the promenade.

8 km

68 m


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  • Badplats
  • Rastplats
  • Skog
  • Vandringsled
  • Kuststigen




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Photographer: Olle Wängborg

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