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20. Bovallstrand-Hunnebostrand

  • Length

    14 km

  • Elevation

    72 m

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Åsa Andersson

Stages 16 and 18-22 are part of the Swedish Tourist Association's "Signature Trail Bohuskusten", which is particularly beautiful, selected and quality assured through the Swedish Tourist Association.

In Sotenäs, the Kuststigen trail goes on parts of the much more widespread Soteleden Trail. The municipality of Sotenäs has prioritized certain sections of the Soteleden trail, and also marked them as Kuststigen.

The hike starts in the charming village of Bovallstrand, on the Bohuslän coastline, right where the Bottna fjord opens out into the North Sea. Stroll along streets and alleyways nestled between beautiful turn of the century houses decorated in the fashion typical of that time, with ornamental features in wood and stone. That there have been people living in this area since the Stone Age is evidenced by the wealth of remains such as petroglyphs, burial sites and a stone circle just outside the town.

Up to the middle of the 1900s the town relied on fishing, freighting and stone cutting to get by. When the herring disappeared Bovallstrand became a popular seaside resort instead, but unlike many of the other resorts on this coast at this time it was working class families or white collar workers it appealed to. At the edge of the shoreline lie Bovallstrand’s well known swimming spots, little islands connected by bridges that can be reached from land. You’ll find everything from sandy beaches and smooth rocks to swimming jetties and diving platforms here.

The hike takes you on through farmland and forests as well as by farm shops. You’ll walk through the village of Ulebergshamn by the sea and continue following the coast to Hästedalen, then through the sculpture park at Udden and on to Hunnebostrand. A stone sculpture exhibition is held every year at the Udden Sculpture Park featuring artists from all over the world.The walk takes you through agricultural environments, forest areas and past farm shops. You walk through the community of Ulebergshamn along the sea and further along the fairway to Hästedalen, then through the Udden sculpture park and on to Hunnebostrand. Every year, an exhibition of stone sculptures by artists from different parts of the world takes place in the Udden sculpture park.

Hunnebostrand is the oldest coastal settlement in Bohuslän, dating back to the 1200s. Many claim that Hunnebostrand was at the centre of the stone cutting industry and there are still reminders of the importance of this industry to the community. Nowadays you can get a feel of what it was like to be a stone cutter during that time at the Stenhuggeri Museum. Not far from the museum there’s an impressive erosion cleft in the rocks, and other exciting rock formations in an enchantingly pretty forest.

Length: 14 km

Time: 4-5 h

Find here: In Bovallstrand there is a bus stop Finntorp. In Hunnebostrand there is the bus stop Gamlegården.

Difficulty: Moderate

Surface: Forest path, dirt road, asphalt

14 km

72 m


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  • Skog
  • Vindskydd
  • Hav
  • Vandringsled
  • Kuststigen




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