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1. Skalbankarna - Gustafsberg

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    8 km

  • Elevation

    47 m

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Anna Storm

The first stage of Kuststigen begins at the Shell Banks and meanders through Uddevalla city center along "Bäveån" river before reaching the historic seaside resort of Gustafsberg.

The stage starts and ends at two historically important places for Uddevalla but also passes several other cultural-historical sites and buildings along the way, such as Fossums mill, the idyllic Regiment Park with the Bohuslän Defense Museum, and Villa Elfkullen.

Feel free to visit the Shell Bank Museum, which is open on certain days during the summer, located at the 10,000-year-old shell banks in Kuröd, or enjoy the environment around Gustafsberg, Sweden's oldest seaside resort where you can find a beach, café, restaurant, and hostel. Here, the archipelago boats dock, so during the summer, it's possible to take a boat back to Uddevalla city center or further out into Byfjorden.

The stage shares the road with the award-winning Strandpromenaden with its characteristic passage at Hästepallarna, where the trail transitions to a wooden bridge that hovers freely over the water and smoothly curves around the steep cliffs. The long wooden bridge, a combination of wood and steel, with its spectacular suspension, provides exciting drama and also offers pleasant views over Byfjorden and Uddevalla Bridge.

Along the Strandpromenaden, there are several bathing spots, and on the hill just above where the wooden deck begins, there is the statue Syrian Horse. A five-meter-high horse made of iron, by the artist Mohannad Solaiman, rearing towards the fjord.

Length: 8 km

Time: 2-3 hours without breaks

Difficulty: Easy

Getting here: The Shell Banks are easy to reach by bus. Stop at Nordmannerödsvägen or Nordverk. There are also parking facilities near the museum. At Gustafsberg, the bus stop Landbadet is located approximately 600 m from the starting point of the stage. There are good parking facilities near Landbadet.During the summer, Gustafsberg pier is served by the Archipelago boats, or the white boats as they are also called.

Surface: Asphalt and gravel road

Don't miss: The Shell Banks, Defense Museum, Villa Elfkullen, Gustafsberg's old spa resort.

8 km

47 m


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  • Kuststigen




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Photographer: Max Ljungberg
Photographer: Max Ljungberg
Photographer: Max Ljungberg

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